New style of barber shop. Sleep and enjoy. Comfortable pool. Relieve fatigue.


Jan 4, 2023

Atmosphere inside the shop The first time we opened the door to go inside the store. The first thing we can experience is Soft scent of perfume that gives the impression that we are at a spa, not a hair salon. But when I remembered, oh! We're doing our hair, aren't we? Don't be surprised. This shop is as the name says. “Nap Sleep Salons” That is, they will be both a hair salon and a spa. to make us come to sleep Along with relaxing comfortably to get rid of the exhaustion of the day. while we wash our hair and do hair treatments and arrived at the store After informing the details of the reserved time The staff will ask us about the strength of massage and scratching. including hair dryer What kind of drive do you want to drive after the pool is finished? At this point, you can inform the staff before starting to make the value.